Year End Bikers 2007 in English

Year End Bikers 2007
It’s an event to accommodate enthusiasm bikers in town

Jakarta, 2nd January 2008, at the end of the year of 2007, to meet and greet a new year 2008, Gudang Garam International working closely together with Monochrome Production held a biggest event at the end of the year 2007. If you ever seen a circus carnival, acrobatic stunts, rock music combined with sexy dancers parades, now you know what I am talking about. We can see drag motorcycle burnouts along with this event crossing to the main stage event on the opening ceremony. All enthusiasm bikers can see all what they want, from air brush helmet competition, custom bike contest, and freak style Harley Davidson modification.

The purpose of this event, it’s a truly shows for bikers only, who knows not only talk to talk but walk to walk, it’s a purely satisfaction of quality. They have come all the way long way from suburbs such as Bogor, Bandung, and Cirebon. With music supplied by Purgatory, Hook band, Clean band, and much more, bringing up more crowds until the end of the night. Also attending were some beautiful skimpy clad gals brought by Nemesis Gals. They were more than happy to have their photos taken or to wash your bike in the beautiful weather that we had all weekend. Even with the clouds overhanging, temperatures in Jakarta stayed warm that day and made nice hangout weather for everyone attending.
If you did not make it this year, check out the photos, even they do not do justice to seeing these guys in person just like their performances, at least you get an idea of the amazing things they can do on their bikes. It is a whole different ball game when you see these bike builders perform on their custom bikes. The total cash prizes up to 20 million rupiahs for the new comer builders C3, Bimo Custom Bikes, and Monochrome. You can find all the bikes that are exercises in metal sculpture- and were suprising enough number of bikes in attendance that are actually looked like motorcycles. They were amazingly detailed bobbers, street baggers, great looking choppers, hot rod bikes that looked like they were rush 200 kilometers an hour when they were sitting chill on the area of competition, and some really hot-cold down to earth bikes that could be best described as the our style retro of the motorcycle world.
It’s so hard to name it all of them, just to few to mention. This event itself is totally for hardcore maniac bikers. That’s the end of my statement. I have never seen a competition where they giving out cash money right after they have been chosen as a winner. At the end of the night, “ El Diablo “ the name of the motorcycle, won the grand prize money.
The Monochrome Production, Mr. Iman Djoko Santoso stated strongly, that this is only a warm up event before they are going into Bali, whereas Bali Bike Week, a one full week international event is going to be held coming up next this August 2008, would be the biggest event for bikers ever. It would be great feeling to see an international contender for this Bali Bike Week 2008 event. So congratulations go out to him for that achievement.
For more information about Bali Bike Week August 2008, you can contact:
Monochrome Production
Djoko Iman Santoso :


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