updated S&S Cycle 50th Anniversary

Hot Dock


Dear all,

I’ve had a lot of emails asking how things turned out. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but it’s been quite a whirlwind here in La Crosse the past several days. S&S Cycle put on an awesome event with some of the best custom bikes ever put together under one tent.

First, thanks to everyone who supported us! We appreciate all the great local publicity and the votes we received from our friends here and around North America. I know Doug Wozney (www.dougz.com, the world class bike builder who provided the hard work and talent needed to build our motorcycle) was blown away by the response to his work.

There were two separate parts to the competition:

1. The on-line voting and on-site voting were used to determine the winner of the “People’s Choice Award”.

2. The 50 builders and the industry press were asked to judge each bike to determine the winner of each class plus the overall show winners.

There were over 25,000 votes cast on site by the general public (I haven’t heard how much internet voting took place). And when the votes were in, our bike won the People’s Choice Award! Doug and I were again blown away by this and are very grateful and humbled by this honor. Not only will this bring a lot of industry recognition to Doug (which is well deserved), but it also get’s him a refund on the cost of our engine!

As many of you know, the competition was divided into six classes. The classes were by the type of engine used in the build. We chose to build our custom around S&S Cycle’s new X-Wedge engine – so we were in the “X-Wedge Class”. This was a very competitive class (probably the most competitive, but I’m biased) which included 11 world renowned competitors including Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers, Roger Bourget, Kevin Alsop, Kiwi Mike and Brian Klock. The winner of our division was Fred Kodlin of Germany (I’ve attached a picture of Fred’s bike). However, we were again honored to finish just behind Fred in second place in this very tough division.

The overall winner, as chosen by the industry experts, was Keiji-Kawakta of Hot Dock Customs out of Japan (picture attached). He had a great looking bike with a ton of custom machining. Congrats to Keiji! He’s using the $50,000 to travel with his wife (at least that’s what he told us all when she was standing next to him…).

Thanks again for all of your support. With our People’s Choice win and high showing in the overall competition, it looks like our bike will now be on its way to the AMD World Championship in Sturgis. In the mean time, I’ll be riding it around La Crosse…

If you want to get a hold of Doug I’ve copied him on this email above (his website is www.dougz.com ). He’s now taking orders for his next custom bike! (He also does a great job painting and customizing stock motorcycles and cars.)

I appreciate you all!



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