V-Rod bulks up for 2009

HARLEY-Davidson has given its V-Rod a workout for 2009 with the launch of the V-Rod Muscle.

The silhouette of the new model is radically changed from the classic V-Rod lines. For 2009 the dummy tank becomes much more angular and wider, while at the rear of the bike the fender is drastically chopped, exposing the 240 rear tire.

Cleaner styling is provided by the combination stop/tail/turn LED light mounted under the lip of the rear fender, while the license plate is side mounted to provide a clear view of the tire.
Similarly the front features a trimmed fender, mounted on the USD forks. Further streamlining can be found in the turn signals which are incorporated into the mirror stems.

More new features seen on this V-Rod include the five-spoke cast aluminum wheels, 1.5in cast aluminum handlebars with internal wiring and integrated risers, and new dual exhausts which exit on both sides of the bike.

The V-Rod Muscle is available in Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, Dark Blue Denim and Red Hot Sunglo.


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