S&S Cycle X-Wedge Already Meets EPA Tier II STandard

The S&S® Cycle X-Wedge™ X117E is the first 49-state certified engine produced by an engine manufacture that already meets 2010 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II standards. The 49-state X117E is available for use in building a certified motorcycle in any state except for California—by a home builder, custom shop or small volume manufacturer. These X-Wedge engines come with the necessary installation manual, owners manual and emissions control sticker

Small volume manufactures will greatly benefit from this product, as no additional certification work is required when building less than 3,000 units per year. The current 49-state 117ci X-Wedge engine is available in three finishes; silver powdercoat, wrinkle black powdercoat and full polish.

The X-Wedge, introduced in 2007, is an all-new engine design intended to allow the industry to continue riding air-cooled, pushrod v-twins as emissions requirements tighten up. Using a belt driven three cam design, the 56-degree X-Wedge aligns its valve train geometry for maximum efficiency and minimal noise. A massive one-piece crank with side-by-side plain bearing rods drive full skirt pistons in five bolt cylinders and heads. Fuel is delivered via injectors built right into the heads and both closed-loop fuel control and knock control ignition technologies are part of the package. Learn more about the technical highlights of the X-Wedge at http://www.x-wedge.com .
Over the last year and a half, the X-Wedge has been acclaimed for its smooth power delivery, quiet operation and tremendous torque output. Test riders have been very impressed with the minimal amounts of vibration the X-Wedge produces in solid mount frames—and those that have ridden the rubber mounted X-Wedge bikes have been astonished at the smoothness.

Currently the X-Wedge is available in production models motorcycles from Big Bear Choppers, Big Dog, Bourget’s Bike Works and Orange County Choppers. Now the certified engine can be used in bikes built in home garages, small shops and by small volume manufacturers. More information on S&S Cycle can be found at http://www.sscycle.com .


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