Fred Krugger Kembali jadi Nomor Wahid di Dunia

2010 World Championship of Custom Bike Building – RESULTS
Freddie ‘Krugger’ Bertrand is now wearing the World Champions’ ring after being named the 2010 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

The bike with which he claimed the title was built for Veon Motorcycle’s owner Peer Toftner and features a unique electronically adjustable frame system developed by Peer (pictured, left, with World Champion ‘Freddie’ Krugger). At the flick of a switch the V-Rod engined bike can be transformed from a low-riding cruiser with long rake to sport bike mode with a shorter wheelbase and steeper rake. The radical machine even has two sets of foot controls to match each style of riding.

Krugger’s win in the Championship follows on from third places in both 2004 and 2005, a 13th place in 2008 and another third last year.

The highest placed domestic builder for 2010 is second placed Mark Daley of Thunder Struck Cycles. His placing reflects the level of engineering involved in the building of the engine in his entry – Sniper. The Indian Powerplus motor used in the bike has had the inlet and outlet ports reversed with the heads welded and machined to allow the correct sized valves to be operated by the reverse grind cam.

For the first time in the Championship’s history a builder from Belarus brought a bike to Sturgis and was duly rewarded with third place for his efforts. Yuri Shif, the proprietor of Yuri Shif Customs took inspiration from German ’30s race cars for the styling of his long, low bike and then took the German influence even further by joining two early BMW Boxer engines at the cranks. Not satisfied with the engineering needed to achieve that feat he then reversed the rear pair of heads to allow him to feed all four inlet ports via a supercharger.

Having already placed in the top three in the Freestyle Class at the 2010 World Championship of Custom Bike Building it became a double celebration for Yuri Shif when he was called to the stage to receive the Metric World Champion’s trophy too, having won the class by a clear margin.

The European domination of the results sheet continued with Sergio Bayarri, of Sbay Motor Company claiming the win in the Production Manufacturer class with his race inspired Flying, The bike, which replicates Ducati geometry has been developed and tested on European race track and the tires show the strain of hard riding on the track.

With support from Harley-Davidson and a Screamin’ Eagle motor being awarded to the winner, the competition in the Modified Harley class was the stiffest ever seen in the events history, and once again it was a European builder that triumphed. Shaw Harley-Davidson’s Strike True II polled the votes in the judging and saw the trophy heading to the UK, another first in the show’s seven-year history.


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Triumph akan Dijual Rp 200 Jutaan

Triumph yang akan masuk ke Indonesia, Scrambler, Thruxton dan Bonneville T100 rencananya akan dilego di kisaran Rp 200 jutaan. Sumber yang dekat dengan importir motor tersebut menyatakan,harga tersebut cukup kompetitif dengan kebesaran nama Triumph yang sangat diidolakan di kalangan Classic bike mania di Indonesia.” Selain membeli kualitas bagus,tentunya juga menikmati keabadian sebuah brand sepeda motor yang antara lain dipakai para selebritas dunia,misalnya James Dean,” sebutnya.

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Kabar Rossi Terkini

1. Vale, first question: how are you and are you still in pain?”The positive thing is that the worst is past and that the two operations went well, so everything is okay. Now I am expecting a difficult period, in which I have to be aware of the risk of infection and in which I must remain with the leg constantly elevated. Then there will come a second key period, when I will be able to start my rehabilitation and, with support on the leg, will be able to start to walk around with crutches.”

2. Dr. Buzzi talked about a rehabilitation period of about five or six months, what do you think?”It’s to be expected that Dr. Buzzi has been very cautious in his prognosis. I want to heal the injury; that is the only thing I’m interested in. If I miss four races or six races, it doesn’t make any difference. The right time to return could be Brno, but it won’t necessarily be like this.”
3. Do you remember the accident?”I remember everything perfectly. I didn’t hit my head, I didn’t hit anything else. The airbag in my leathers worked very well and my helmet was just slightly scratched. I don’t have a single bruise! The problem was that I landed on my leg, and it was stuck under my body. If I had landed on my back it would have been different. I had a new tyre and I’d done two laps, then I slowed down because I had Barbera behind me. When I came back onto the racing line Pedrosa arrived and I didn’t want to cause a problem for him so I moved again but then when I reopened the gas, it happened suddenly and unexpectedly. Seven seconds were enough to make the tyre drop temperature dramatically. The error was mine.”

4. Who would you like to thank?”First of all I want to thank Professor Buzzi of the CTO Careggi in Florence and all of his staff, because they were brilliant.
Fortunately, doing it at Mugello meant I wasn’t far from the Careggi and this was very lucky. I also want to thank everybody else at the Careggi and all the nurses because they treated me so well, then the staff at the Clinica Mobile and the marshals and officers at the Mugello circuit. Finally, a big hello and particular thanks to all the fans because never, not even for a second, have they let me forget their affection and support. The messages I saw on Sunday on television from the circuit were beautiful.”

5. At any time since the accident has there been a moment when you have said “stop racing motorcycles”?”Sincerely, I haven’t felt any fear. I was a bit horrified when I saw the leg, yes…but the thing I dislike the most is to miss so many races! I will take all the time I need and be sure not to do anything stupid because I want to return quickly, but only if my condition allows it. I know I have a bike for next year and I don’t need to rush my return to demonstrate anything. I could miss just four races but I still wouldn’t come back to win the championship. It’s better to be careful, finish the rehabilitation in the best way and come back to race for many more years. I’ve heard of many other sportsmen, a lot in fact, who have had the same problem as me. One example for everyone: Mark Webber called me and he has had an exposed fracture of the right leg. He told me to be very patient and that I would have some moments of discomfort, but that in the end recovery was guaranteed.”
6. Now you have some time at home to rest and to think…
”Yes, now I have a lot of time at home to rest, to recover and to think. Firstly, I want to use this time to improve some things. I want to improve my English, learn something new, read a lot. Basically, I want to improve and learn. This I will do for sure. If your question instead is referring to 2011, this incident will not influence my choices for next year in any way. Last Saturday hasn’t changed anything. I just have one broken leg extra! The result of 2010, therefore, has never been relevant to my decisions for the future.”
7. During your enforced rest, will you also be working on your injured shoulder?”Definitely, yes. This is one of the few positive things about this incident; finally I can work on the rehabilitation of the shoulder, in no hurry, without operations and without races. From tomorrow I will restart the exercises, lying on my bed, and I am certain that when I return the shoulder will be completely recovered. When I come back I will be in perfect shape, although it won’t mean that I can win straight away. When you return after an enforced break you not only have to think about the body, but also the mind. I won’t be able to come back and win immediately.”

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Stop Press!! Triumph Segera Masuk Indonesia

Kabar baik untuk para pencinta motor klasik dan penggemar moge lainnya. Triumph, merek sepeda motor legendaris asal Inggris dikabarkan akan segera merapat ke Indonesia. Salah satu sumber mengatakan, ada salah seorang biker yang kini mengurus TPT ke Depperin untuk mendapatkan persetujuan hak jual Triumph di Indonesia.

Konon mereka akan memasukan 3 tipe Triumph, masing-masing Scrambler, Thruxton dan Bonneville T100.”Untuk sementara baru 3 tipe yang mereka ajukan, selebihnya nanti akan secara bertahap memasukan tipe lainnya,” ujarnya.

Direncanakan mereka akan membuka workshopnya di daerah Fatmawati dan akan mulai beroperasi Agustus mendatang.” Triumph adalah merek legendaris di dunia dan kami yakin banyak penggemarnya di Indonesia. Target kami adalah kalangan menengah yang ingin tampil beda,”kutip sumber tersebut.

Wah makin banyak pilihan nih, bagaimana menurut bros?

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Kyai Perkoso Guncang Dunia dengan Budaya Khas Indonesia

Indonesian Custom Bike Builders Goes to Cool Breaker 2010, sebuah kebanggaan Indonesia mendapat kehormatan diundang secara langsung oleh Cool Breaker Comission, Mr Keiji Kawakita untuk berkompetisi di Jepang, 29-30 Mei 2010, di Pasifico Yokohama.

Merupakan kebanggaan, Retro Classic Cycles mewakili Indonesia, sebagai participant  kejuaraan dunia motor custom, yang diselenggarakan di negara dengan kultur otomotif yang sangat kuat,  mengharumkan dan memperkenalkan sebuah karya yang mengandung nilai-nilai kekayaan dan kejayaan budaya Indonesia.

KYAI PERKOSO sebuah nama yang disematkan oleh
Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, membawa pesan dan amanat beliau untuk menghantarkan Jogjakarta & Indonesia ke kancah dunia, dengan segala segala kehormatan dan keperkasaan. sebuah motor custom yang dilahirkan dengan penuh nilai-nilai filosofi budaya Indonesia, bermotif batik, yang mengisyaratkan bahwa bangsa Indonesia merupakan warisan nyata budaya dunia.

motor custom pertama dari asia tenggara yang berlaga disebuah kejuaraan dunia dengan undangan khusus dan melewati seleksi yang ketat dari Cool Breaker Comission, motor yang dilepas dengan tarian Senggono Yaksodewo, sebuah tarian yang disadur dari kisah Ramayana,  Senggono (Hanuman) yang berperang melawan Yaksodewo.

Motor yang menggambarkan relief luhur, sebagaimana termuat di relief bebatuan candi Prambanan, sarat makna luhur dan kekuatan nilai-nilai kehidupan yang kuat.
Mohon dukungan dan doa restu, untuk menggugah setiap insan yang peduli, menyampaikan informasi ini kepada khalayak luas, kepada pemerintah Indonesia, Bapak MENEGPORA. untuk selalu mendukung setiap karya anak bangsa,  memperhatikan setiap aspek positif yang digulirkan, dukungan yang menunjukkan bangsa Indonesia adalah bangsa yang besar dan tidak gentar

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Panglima 3 Hardiknas Fiesta Motobike Touring 2010

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Ducati Idol akan Segera Digelar

Ducati Indonesia makin serius meramaikan pentas balap nasional 2010 dengan menambah skuad barunya melalui kehadiran pebalap muda, Dimas Ekky Pratama. Mereka malah akan mengadakan Ducati Idol untuk menjaring pebalap muda Indonesia.

Seperti yang telah ditegaskan pihak Ducati Indonesia pada peluncuran tim balapnya Ducati Indonesia Racing Team,Oktober tahun lalu dalam memajukan dunia motorsport di Indonesia, tahun ini mereka datang dengan kekuatan baru. Prestasi runner-up dalam Kejurnas Superbike tahun lalu yang diraih Matteo Guerinoni, memacu pihak Ducati Indonesia Racing Team yang didukung oleh pihak sponsor, menambah amunisi barunya.

Untuk itulah, dari serangkaian pengujian yang dilakukan, terpilih pebalap muda berbakat Dimas Ekky Pratama (17 tahun) untuk memperkuat Ducati Indonesia Racing Team di Kejurnas Supersport.”Kita telah berkordinasi dengan pihak IMI kalau kita akan terjun di Kelas Supersport dengan menggunakan Ducati Superbike 848,” sebut Nugroho.

Dijelaskan Nugroho selaku Team Director Ducati Indonesia Racing Team, selain berkomitmen memajukan dunia balap motor nasional, pihaknya juga memiliki platform untuk melakukan pembinaan terhadap pebalap muda Indonesia agar bisa berprestasi termasuk kemungkinannya untuk memberika kesempatan berlatih ke luar negeri dalam mengembangkan bakatnya.

”Kami melihat Dimas Eky Pratama adalah sosok pembalap muda yang berbakat dan memiliki potensi untuk berprestasi lebih tinggi.” ujar Nugroho. Dengan diturunkan di kelas Supersport  diharapkan bisa memacu semangat Dimas untuk bisa bersaing dengan pebalap lainnya. Sebagai keseriusannya, pihak Ducati akan mendatangkan Superbike 848 sebanyak 3 unit yang nantinya akan digunakan para pebalap pendamping Dimas.

“Kita tengah menggodok konsep akan mengadakan semacam audisi pebalap  dari lima kota besar di Indonesia dari balap motor bebek yang kemudian akan kita saring mencari dua pebalap terbaik untuk naik ke jenjang Supersport Ducati. Cita-citanya bisa berlanjut ke jenjang yang lebih tinggi, semisal Superstock yang biayanya tidak terlalu besar seperti WSBK atau WSS.  Meskipun penjualan kita tidak banyak seperti ATPM lainnya, namun komitmen kami terhadap dunia motorsport akan terus kami lanjutkan. Tunggu saja waktunya!” ujar Nugroho.

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