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4 responses to “contact us

  1. Selamat pagi mau tanya apa prosedur menjadi distributor pabrik sukucadang motor? hp 081344825071

  2. Hey my friend, I don’t know, where you are from, but I saw, that you are using some of my pictures for your article about the german vespa days. It would be nice, if you could put in a link to my site oder delete the pictures.
    I would also put a link to your site with the information, that Franks-Vespa-garage is even read in your country! Thank you Frank

    • tundrace

      Hi Frank, hello from Jakarta… my name is Arif from Indonesia.. Yess i put your pics in our blog, and i got rhe link from Alltop Motorcycle Sites.. Sorry for your inconvonience, while iam not put source the link in our article.. If u have interest of myblog, tell me your activity and i will publish your news…many scooter Community/clubs and owners here including me…. Hehehe

      Best Regards

      Arif Syahbani

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